Understanding User Roles: Admin, Teacher, and Student

The Learner Profile platform has three primary user roles: Admin, Teacher, and Student. Schools can customize additional roles to suit their needs. This article outlines the key functions and access levels for each role.


Students use the platform to showcase their personality and achievements, set meaningful goals, create projects and portfolios, and reflect on their experiences and learnings.

⭐ Telling Your Learning Story

  • Setting and tracking goals
  • Showcasing projects
  • Receiving feedback

🎯 Setting and Tracking Goals

  • Define goals in the Learner Profile
  • Create action plans
  • Attach files as evidence
  • Add reflections to track progress

💼 Showcasing Projects

  • Create project pages
  • Add content, videos, and files
  • Attach projects to skills
  • Receive teacher feedback and assessments

✔️ Receiving Feedback

  • Read teacher feedback on goals and projects
  • Compare student and teacher assessments
  • Check in with teachers through the platform


Teachers use the Learner Profile features to monitor students' progress, provide feedback on projects, and guide students in setting goals and completing projects.

📔 Monitoring Student Groups

  • Create classes and groups
  • Add students to groups
  • Invite multiple teachers to the same group

🤲🏻 Guiding Student Goals and Projects

  • Introduce goal setting and projects to students
  • Review student goals and projects
  • Respond to student check-ins
  • Provide guidance to improve student work

✔️ Providing Feedback and Assessments(coming soon)

  • Give feedback on student goals
  • Assess projects using rubrics
  • Compare student and teacher evaluations


Admins are responsible for configuring the platform settings, managing users and groups, and setting up rubrics and skills frameworks.

🔖 Customising the Learner Profile

  • Rename profile modules
  • Add custom skills and values tags
  • Modify backgrounds and color schemes

🤹🏻 Setting Up Rubrics and Skills Frameworks(coming soon)

  • Create skill rubrics from scratch
  • Import rubrics from external sources
  • Align rubrics to competency hierarchies
  • Assess student progress against rubrics

👥 Managing Users and Groups(coming soon)

  • Approve or disable accounts
  • Assign user roles
  • Migrate users between groups
  • Set up bulk uploading of users