Keep your “Experiences” up to date

8 steps • 22 seconds read
Learn how to update your work experience on your About Me Page. List any clubs, sports, or hobbies you participate in outside of school. This information provides a more well-rounded view of who you are as an individual

1. Click "Yes"

Confirm that you want to update your work experience.
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2. Click "+ Add Work Experience" to add your first experience

Add a new work experience entry.
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3. Fill in your employer here

Type "Bright Minds Education" as the employer name.
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4. Update "Position" here

Enter the job position you had.
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5. Describe your responsibilities here

Confirm the job responsibilities you entered.
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6. Update the dates of your employment

Select the month and year you stopped working at this job.
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This guide covered the steps to update your work experience on Edapt by adding a new job entry and specifying the job responsibilities, employment dates, and current employment status.