Embedding Videos in a Project

Showcase Skills and Progress with Videos
Videos offer a dynamic way to demonstrate your skills and achievements. Whether it's a science experiment, a musical performance, a speech, or a sports activity, videos capture your abilities in action, leaving a strong impression on teachers, employers, and college admissions. Regularly uploading videos allows you to track your progress over time. Witness how far you've come and identify areas of improvement. This evidence of growth is valuable during conferences, self-reflection, or when pursuing scholarships or internships.
6 steps • 22 seconds read

1. Videos from major streaming sites like Vimeo and YouTube can directly be embedded into the Project/Portfolio.

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2. Open a project

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3. Click on the video button

Click on the button/link provided.
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4. Enter the link of the video

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5. Click "Save"

Click on the "Save" button to save the changes.
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6. Your video will now be embedded in your project. It can be resized to fit your page.

Click on the area where you want to embed the video.
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This guide covered the steps to embed videos in your Edapt project, including pasting the video URL, selecting the video thumbnail, and saving the changes before embedding it in the desired location.