Introducing About Me to Students

This knowledge base article will provide you with the necessary tools, guidance, and additional activities to effectively introduce the "About Me" Page to your students for the first time while incorporating personal narrative elements.

Preparing Your Students

Before diving into the online platform, we recommend discussing the purpose and benefits of the "About Me" Page with your students. Explain that this space allows them to express their individuality, share their interests, and highlight their strengths to teachers, mentors, and peers within the platform.

Key Elements of the About Me Page

Introduce the following key elements of the "About Me" Page to your students:
  1. Profile Picture: Upload a high-quality, professional-looking photo that represents the student well.
  1. Personal Statement: Write a brief statement that introduces themselves and highlights their interests, talents, and accomplishments.
  1. Work Experiences: List any clubs, sports, or hobbies they participate in outside of school. This information provides a more well-rounded view of who they are as an individual.

Suggested Steps for Teachers

To facilitate the introduction of the "About Me" Page to your students, we recommend the following steps:
1. Conduct a guided individual brainstorming session on personal narratives(optional):
help the students understand what a personal narrative is and how it can influence their identity and actions.
  1. Introduce the concept of a personal narrative as the story we tell ourselves about our own lives. Explain that everyoneโ€™s personal narrative is unique and shaped by various elements, such as life events, experiences, values, goals, etc.
  1. Ask the students to answer a poll question about what elements are part of someoneโ€™s personal story, such as life events, experiences, values, goals, etc. Show the results and discuss some common or different responses.
  1. Show a video clip of filmmaker J. Christian Jensen talking about the power of personal and family stories. Ask the students to pay attention to how he defines narrative and how it affects his life and work.
  1. Check the studentsโ€™ understanding and elicit their thoughts about the video by asking some questions, such as:
      • What is Jensenโ€™s personal narrative?
      • How did his grandfatherโ€™s story influence his narrative? How does he use his narrative to create his films?
      • Do you agree with his quote: โ€œWhen you discover your personal narrative, it will not only guide you to find your lifeโ€™s mission, but it will also serve as a lifelong source of strength and motivation to help you accomplish that missionโ€?
  1. Guide students through the process of creating their "About Me" Page:
    1. Log into the Edapt Education Learner Profile platform. Click on the "About Me" section in the main menu.
    2. Instruct students to upload their profile picture, write their personal statement, and list their work experiences, incorporating information from their personal narrative brainstorming session.
  1. Encourage students to interview a family member or close friend about their personal narratives:
    1. After students have created their initial "About Me" Page drafts, encourage them to explore their personal stories by talking to a family member or close friend about their personal narrative and its roots. Students can then use this information to add depth to their "About Me" Pages.

Your Turn

Now it's your turn to create your own "About Me" Page on the Edapt Education Learner Profile platform. Follow the steps outlined in this article to craft a well-rounded profile that showcases your unique interests, talents, and accomplishments.
By following these steps and engaging your students in creating their "About Me" Pages, you can effectively utilize the Edapt Education Learner Profile platform and empower your students to express their individuality and showcase their strengths.