Monitoring Student Goals

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This guide will walk you through how to set and monitor your goals in Edapt, including updating their status and tracking your progress.
Teachers can view and monitor the goals set by their students in the Learner Profile. This allows them to:
  1. Gain an understanding of each student's individual aspirations and objectives.
  1. Identify trends and common themes among students' goals.
  1. Tailor their teaching strategies to better support students in achieving their goals.

Select the class / group of students that you’d like to view the goals of

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1. Review the latest goals set by each student in your class

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2. Click to review the entire list of goals set by a student

Click on the number of goals currently set.
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3. Here are all of Jack's active goals that he's working on

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4. Click on a goal to view further detail on the goal itself

Click on the goal you want to view, in this case "Improve my public speaking skills"
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5. Review each student's action plans

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This guide covers how to set and monitor goals in Edapt, including updating their status and tracking your progress towards achieving them.
To monitor your students' goals, follow these steps:
  1. Select the Class/Group you want to view goals for. Choose the relevant category for the goals.